Dap FX


Offset mulcher of high range with forestry rotor, for works in agricultural margins, banks, highways, channels, roads and others clears of public works for tractors between 120-180 CV. It incorporates safety system thanks to a valve positionned in the cylinder of elevation of the arm.
Angulation +90º / -65º.
Rotor POLSER+ of 550 mm Ø with forestry SERRAT hammer swinging 360º.


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Non-wear steel-plate chassis, thickness 10 mm.

Rotor POLSER+ of Ø 550 mm.

Gearbox SERRAT.

4 XPC side belt transmission.

Double transmission with a centre shaft and homocinetic knot on the second transmission.

Supports of bearing rotor in steel.

Height-adjustable rear roller.

PTO 1.000 rpm.

Oscillating bearings of double row of rollers.

Front protection curtain.

Front skid shoes.

Double bearing on rear roller.

Angulation +90º/-65º.

Hydraulic lateral offset mulcher.

Safety valve.

Model built under EC Normative.

Safety indicators visible to personnel.

Serrat Advantages

550 + Polser
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