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The continuous development and technological study of our R+D+R department ensures to each customer an unbeatable adaptation to their needs. Our machines are designed by powerful 3D programs and managed with the most modern systems of organization for their production.


Our products are manufactured in technical sheets (anti-wear, high elastic limit, …), standard hammers guaranteed against breakage MAR-001 and with safety indicators visible to personnel.


We want the best and we know that everything can be improved. So we do not stop, we continue thinking and developing new models that are better adapted to each circumstance.


We have a team to test the performance and operation of our prototypes in the field and in the most extreme and hardest conditions.


Any problems we face it is like a new challenge to overcome, always learning and improving.


Our entire range of products meets the quality and safety standards required by the CE.

Wherever you are, you can always have a SERRAT shredder

Serrat Advantages

Rail Box

Automatic adaptation system of the transmission according to the position of the lifting, when the gear box is situated between the rotor and the tractor. Articulate the gearbox so that the angles of the transmission knots while working are lower.


Hidrahelp is a hydraulic starter system for machines with heavy rotors, PTO without modulation in the ignition and in the front PTO.


Special project and designe of the machine frame avoiding any throwing of material to the operator. Our safety level exceedes the safety regulation 2006/42/CE by far.

Fixe Top

Fixe Top System: a system of cutting with teeth in tungsten, it’s characterized by clamp screw not supporting the tooth; they fix it only so that it does not go out laterally. The effort due to the work neutralizes itself inside crenellations between the tooth and the support. The disposition in the rotor of the teeth allows that the heads of the screws are protected of the usage due to the erosion. The screws have two key anchors for when they erode with the ground.


Rotor with splinter blades: Its main characteristic is that this rotor with blades is made up of two spirals in which the effort is distributed throughout the entire rotor, giving it a very high rigidity. In addition, these blades are reversible, having two cutting edges. useful cut. It is a rotor intended for wood shredding works of pruning remains and clearing.

550 + Polser

Forest rotor designed with the Serrat polygonal section technology. Rotor with swinging hammers at 360º inside the rotor. the estructural rigidity of this system avoiding damages during accidents, obtaining flexibility and rigidity at the same time. The belding has been studied in protected spaces in order to avoid premature consumption during possible frictions with the ground. Internal plates are incorporated to reinforce the axis.


Laser treatment in the tip of the hammer. Consuption area, it extends its duration generating a benefit as in hourly cost as in the reduction of time regarding the maintenance.

Synkrodos 600

Synkrodos transmission system: it consists of a through input axis and two crows, which they engage into pinion axes; having in the same gearbox the double of power transmission capacity compared to the traditional gearbox. We have a pump to refrigerate the oil and there is the possibility of rear exit for combined equipments.


The BRALAKC feeder knives system is an exclusive design of SERRAT TRITURADORAS. These exclusive feeder knives are the result of years of experience that SERRAT has developed in self-feeder mulchers. Thanks to this innovative system we can obtain two essential factors collecting the pruning remains from the ground. Firstable, an absolute efficiency on the collection of the material thanks to the helical mounting system. On the other hand, thanks to its curved design, we can obtain a continuous feeding and without any obstruction, a fundamental factor in these type of machines when working in pruning cordons of high dimensions and volume.

550 Polser

Ingenious rotor designed and manufactured in an octagonal shape providing more strength when the hammer reverses itself due to impacts. Forged steel supports with high precision position guaranteeing a perfect operation and positioning of the cutting elements. Gear plates of octagonal shape improving the power transmission. Internal plates to structure the rotor.


The RHENDUEL system is an ingenious perfect cutting system for self-feeder mulchers. Its main advantage is that with this system we can obtain a very fine chipwoods like sawdust thanks to its special blades. In addition, the power required by the tractor, to mulch with this system of blades, it can decrease up to 40%, a very important factor to be taken into account to safe fuel and safe money. Thanks to the fineness and the homogeneity of the chipwoods, it was possible to obtain that in machines with pneumatic charge like BIOMASS it were possible the transport through flexible and to load the material into biomass trailers. It must be remembered that the fineness of the material, facilitates a multitude of activities in the field, for example: The incorporation of the woodchips into the ground is much faster with this system and in a short period of time the material will disappear from the ground. In nuts cultivation, where normally the harvest is mechanic, is fundamental to use these machines, because otherwise, we could have some problems during the harvest with big piece of wood causing large losses for the farmers.


The exclusive hammer coupling system with pivot GIROSTOP is the only one in this type of machines. The advantages are countless and below some of them: Thanks to its square anchorage head, the pivot GIROSTOP never rotates in the hammer support. This advantage is very important because not turning, the hammer support will never be consumed and if the support in the lower part is not consumed it will increase the reliability of the rotor. Thanks to the immobility of the pivot, the hammer is obligated to turn over the pivot and for that we can obtain that the bolt and the hammer do not get jammed because of dust and dirt. The completely flat pivot head avoiding twist of cable or grass into it. Thanks to this immobilization system, the maintenance and the change of the hammers will be much more safe and convenient.