Heavey duty forestry mulcher for tractors between 250 and 350 HP.
Equipped with swinging hammers for the cleaning of brushwood, which favors the growth of trees, the reclamation of land, the maintenance and restoration of banks, the maintenance of areas under power lines, forestry roads, fire blocking lines. Equipped with rotor of fixed tooth with system FIXE TOP, for thick wood and stumps.
This mulcher integrates all the necessary options for an optimal forest work.


File FX8

Steel-plate chassis, thickness 15 mm.

Rotor POLSER + of Ø 1.100 mm.

Gearbox with RAIL BOX System with freewheel included.

Synchronous belts transmission.

Fixed tooth with tip in tungsten.

Gearbox with Synkrodos-600.

Steel counter hammers.

Oscillating bearings of double row of rollers.

Triple front safety chains.

PTO 1.000 rpm

Supports of bearing rotor in steel.

Front skid shoes.

Rear hydraulic hood with line of steel counter hammers.

Hydraulic pushing frame.

System antiwire in rotor.

Compact drive cover.

Internal reinforcements in chassis.

Transmission by cardan to side belts.

Pulleys of diameter 450 mm.

Model built under EC Normative.

Safety indicators visible to personnel.

Advantages Serrat

Fixe Top
1100+ polser
Synkrodos 600
FX8 tabla



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